Domenica translates to “Sunday,” in Italian, and when Chef-Partner Alon Shaya lived in Italy, he lived for Sundays. It was the day of the week to explore, indulge in the region’s culinary scene and cook leisurely, abundant meals. At Domenica restaurant, Alon and our chefs seek to transport guests to those coveted moments, offering passionately prepared dishes that marry pure, local ingredients with revered techniques.

While the menu is rooted in tradition, our chefs focus on elevating Italian ingredients and classic flavors to create modern classics, adapted for the contemporary palate of New Orleans. The regional Italian fare--from fresh pastas made by hand daily, to roasted vegetables, meats and  Napolitano style pizzas all prepared in the restaurant’s iconic wood oven-- are perfectly complemented by custom-brewed beers, seasonal craft cocktails and an Italian-focused wine list.

Alon’s passion for food has expanded into two other restaurants: Pizza Domenica, an Uptown, more casual spin-off of Domenica that opened in 2014, and Shaya: a modern Israeli restaurant that takes a warm and welcoming approach to the cuisine and culture of Alon’s Israeli upbringing, opened in 2015.