Michael Wilson is the Executive Chef at Domenica.

He graduated with honors from Montana State University with a degree in Biology in 2010. After graduation, he worked as a field biologist for a few years, but academia became unappealing and he missed the camaraderie of a professional kitchen. Deciding to go back to the kitchen and work as a cook, his culinary journey led him back to his hometown of New Orleans and ultimately to Domenica. Mike had trained in a variety of restaurants between the time that he took his first job in a kitchen at the age of 15, and when he walked into Domenica to ask about a job at 30. He worked through the ranks at Domenica, and eventually was named Executive Chef at PIZZA domenica, Domenica’s casual spin-off. He later became the Chef de Cuisine at Shaya, which opened in early 2015, helping the restaurant earn many prestigious awards and recognitions. In the beginning of 2016, Mike returned to Domenica as Chef de Cuisine, and now leads the kitchen as Executive Chef where he returned to his New Orleans cooking career years ago.